Hello Out There !!

12 years 5 months ago #28632 by lillies_for_me
Hi :)
A little about me, myself and I.....
I grew up in Auckland (don't judge me from that ha ha!), but lived rurally on once acre in Glenbrook, which is near Karaka or Pukekohe (near Bombay Hills - so maybe i should say i am from North Hamilton ;)). Long story short, i moved to New Plymouth in 2000 to be with my now husband!!
Married in 2003 and have produced two beautiful children: Ryan, 6yrs and Matthew, 5yrs!
My husband is a Deputy Principal at an Intermediate school in New Plymouth. I am a nurse, which has always been my calling! Unfortunately in Dec 08 i was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer, manifesting as a huge tumor throughout the left side of pelvis and hip area, very aggressive and resistant breed of cancer. After a year (09) of horrendous chemo and radiation, the tumor shrunk by 50% and is not as active. I went back to nursing, lasted six months - with a month in ICU because of it :( . I now live everyday knowing that this cancer will grow back - could be as soon as tomorrow, or 2/5/10 yrs - i am praying that i get to see my beautiful boys grow up into good handsome men [:I] !! I really enjoy being outside with my family, gardening when i feel up to it and having a wine in the sun! It truly is the little things that give the greatest joy - i have learnt this the hard way!
Considering my precarious situation - we decided to buy our dream - a 10 acre farmlet in rural North Taranaki (approx 30mins North of New Plymouth City) atop a hill with 360 degree magnificent views! Its home :) The boys LOVE it - getting muddy, climbing trees, building huts/traps/forts and just being carefree kids!
I bought myself a horse, Blue Blade, my new baby (i rode when i was younger,but now i am unable to work i need to enjoy life at home!)! It is so freeing for me, i feel at peace when riding him, i feel free..... i feel happy!! We just added another horse, Maserati, for my husband to ride with me, and for my children to learn on (both extremely quiet,experienced horses!)!
My husband loves the fact he can now put his chainsaw to good use - chopping down trees (we have acquired lots of pine trees!) for firewood etc, building chicken coops and learning how to fix/build fences and rabbit hutches - he is in his element :)
We were given four little baby red shaver chic's, which are living inside until big enough to live in our lovely large hen 'paddock' with coop!
We are being given two lovely ewe lambs - for pet day, then to fatten up [xx(]!
We have a lovely family dog, purebred Boxer called Heidi - who is loving the room to run and run and run to her hearts content!
We have two cats, Eva and Lucky - who are loving the new hunting grounds and now leave surprise's for me at the door (massive rats :eek: )!
That is a general rundown on our family in a nutshell! I can't wait to get to know you all and soak up all your knowledge and advice as we have NO clue at all lol! Thank you!

I have a few questions to start with: Possum's - what is the best way to catch them and get 'rid' of them if you don't have a gun? They run all over our roof & deck sounding like elephants! Over it!

Also, we are in the process of getting about 10 calves to rear - 2 for our freezer and 6 to fatten/grow to onsell. I have been told Whiteface's are the better for meat and Heifers good to start with as easier to handle (as we are just learning/starting we need 'easier'), but a lovely new friend today offered us as many Angus calves for free as we want! That some are males but will ring them for us as well! Is there any difference between heifers or steers in regards to meat and or money wise? Also, is Angus just as good as white faces? (in the sense of when selling to make money but also meat tasting wise)!

Gosh - this has turned into a bit of a novel, but i hope you have got a sense of my family and who we are :) ! Any advice is greatly appreciated as we honestly just learning and only been on our property for two months! Cheers.

Yesterday is History;
Tomorrow is a Mystery;
Today is a Gift;
That is why they call it the Present!

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12 years 5 months ago #391005 by Ruth
Replied by Ruth on topic Hello Out There !!
Hi Sarah, welcome.

It sounds like you've made some great choices, bearing in mind your looming possibilities! Being able to feel joy in the sunshine without always looking into the depths of the shadows beside us, is not easy, but it's such a great life lesson to learn. Sadly it usually takes real monsters in the shadows to teach most of us the sense of it. (If any of that sounds remotely condescending, it is not my intent, at all.)

White face are usually Friesian/Hereford. Angus and Hereford are very similar in their beef and other qualities, other than being entirely different breeds - Herefords red coats, white faces and often horned, Angus all black and polled (naturally having no horns). The biggest effect will be whether the sires of the calves had good growth genes or not, and you can't really tell that.

It is great that your friends will ring the bulls. Always castrate bull calves if you're just rearing. Steers are easier than heifers because heifers come on heat and they can be noisy and want to find a bull - or entice a bull to find them. If your fences aren't excellent, that can be troublesome.

Ten calves may be too many. People on small blocks often overstock, and then the animals have nothing to eat and either become a welfare nightmare, or cost a great deal in bought feed. Why not get six this season and see how you go? Better to have too much feed than too little, and I bet you'll find they eat it all anyway - especially when you add sheep and chickens into the mix.

Possums: yellow Timms traps are good, bait with fruit. Or someone who catches possums for fur could lay poison to get them.

How's that for a start? It would be good to ask most of your questions in "your place" where most people have these sorts of discussions.

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12 years 5 months ago #391011 by WillEyre
Replied by WillEyre on topic Hello Out There !!
A great maiden speech too, I must say!
I'm far too new here myself to don the mantle of Official Greeter, but anyhow, from a fellow relative-newbie, Welcome.

I liked Occam's Razor so much, I bought the company.

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12 years 5 months ago #391016 by Hawkspur
Replied by Hawkspur on topic Hello Out There !!
Hi Sarah!
I hope you enjoy visiting here. :D I think we all do.
Congratulations on following your dream.

Can Maserati go as fast as his name implies?[:0][;)] Or is he more of a good looker? :D

I recently saw this cartoon about treatment and cancer survival and it really made it clear to me. I hope you are in one of the long long lanes. Well done so far. :)

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12 years 5 months ago #391049 by Trace
Replied by Trace on topic Hello Out There !!
Welcome to the forum Sarah - I must say I had a big smile when I saw Maserati's name, well thought out on someone's part! :)

Another thing you could try with possum control is finding out if there is anybody in your community who is looking for a spot to shoot. If it's organised well in advance you could pop the horses somewhere else for a day or two (or night really [;)] since they're possums!) and they would be well out of harms way (in case they spook at the gunshots).

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12 years 5 months ago #391115 by lillies_for_me
Replied by lillies_for_me on topic Hello Out There !!
Thank you guys for taking time out to say 'hi' - its really nice of you all :)

Hawkspur: Your cartoon you found had me laughing - & i don't genuinely laugh too much these days, so thank you for that! I have copied the link as i think a number of my other cancer friends will find this amusing, and perhaps help my non cancer friends truly realise the severity of my situation (some seem to think that because i have stopped treatment,it means i am not sick anymore! Its frustrating! I stopped because there is nothing else to be done!!!!! Cancer quickly sorts out who are your real friends and who are not!)! I have come to find that when dealing with cancer, you have got to have a sense of humor & be able to have a laugh about your predicament - otherwise its just all too real!

Ruth: Thanks for your kind words, sadly even at the tender age of 29, i've had to face many monsters lurking in the deepest of my shadows - and you are right, it has completely changed my priorities - or, i should say it has made me realise what is important in my life and what can be let go! For that reason, it has been a blessing. In my darkest thoughts i just think well, i must be a very extra special person to be given this extremely extra special rare cancer :) (FYI: out of ALL cancer diagnosis in the world, only 1% of those are Sarcoma's!). Thanks for your help of different breeds of cows - we are coming to find that farming is a entirely different world - its really amazing. I will post my question's on the forum you suggested - thanks for the heads up!

Trace: thanks for you advice on my possum issue - i will post my predicament on the 'your place' forum as well! I am really not a fan of guns but as you say, its prob the best option.

WillEyre: I appreciate you taking time to reply to my 'maiden speech' :) and say Hi! It is a nice feeling to know that people are interested in who I am and are so willing to help! I wish there were lots more people like you and everyone else on LSB! Cheers!

As for Maserati - as soon as my husband heard his name he said, We HAVE to have that horse! He hadn't even seen a picture of him, or any details! We have only had him 6 weeks, so still getting to know him - but he is a lovely, kind boy! Yes, he most certainly lives up to his name, he's full of horse power !!

Take care all!

Yesterday is History;
Tomorrow is a Mystery;
Today is a Gift;
That is why they call it the Present!

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12 years 5 months ago #391201 by LongRidge
Replied by LongRidge on topic Hello Out There !!
Welcome and may your stay be a long and painless one. You might be as lucky as me - when I was diagnosed with my disease no-one had lived with it for longer than 35 years, and I've had it for 55 years now. Being told 13 years ago that I would probably be dead in 10 years was a bit of a shock. It certainly made me think about the future in a different way.
Tims .... or Timms .... traps kill the possum instantaneously. Just ensure that the children know to not put their hand in it, because it might break the bone.

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