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I currently have a hyline chook with a dirty wet bottom. I have previously wormed my chooks but since have received some bantems. What could be causing this? All its feathers on it rare are wet? It does not look good.

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Hi and welcome Neridabossun!
It is more than likely your hen has an infection of some sort, possibly a new one brought in by your new bantams, that she had not previously encountered. Wet droppings, can infer a kidney infection of some sort and there are a lot of possibilities like viral or bacterial infection of the gut.
Is she laying at present? Has she any other symptoms eg ruffled feathers, not eating as well as she used to? What did you use as wormer?
Have you seen her actual faeces, what colour are they?

What you can do is seperate her to somewhere warmer, keep inside if the weather is cold and wet. Ensure she has plenty to eat and tempt her with things like a bit of yoghurt mixed with her regular food. If you can get hold of some electrolyte or bird vitamins (Ornithon) to put in her water that will also help. Don't use cider vinegar at this stage, but glucose in the water is a help.

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