Orchard and chooks in the plan

12 years 8 months ago #27782 by Velvetfields
We have just over an acre, almost flat which we have owned for two years. We are in the Pauatahanui area, 30mins from Wellington.

Having our two baby boys over the last few years has kept us busy, along with tidying up the property and keeping it maintained. Little Bodi is now 9 months old and its time to make the most of the land we have!

Have had a vege garden in since day one which I am proud of (most of the time [;)]). We are currently planning an orchard to put in over the next month. I'm thinking 6 trees, maybe two plums, a double bearing pear, an apple (already have one apple), a peach and something else? We are quite low lying, and get frosts. Any suggestions or tips for our area or yummy fruit we could grow would be appreciated!

Summer time we will get the chickens in. Need to fence off an area and I am sure I will be back with more questions when that time arises. I have a lot of research to do...

I wish there was more time in my day to spend outside doing these things, its so exciting to plan, but small children take up so much time!

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12 years 8 months ago #381562 by thevarneys
Welcome. :D I know exactly how you feel re the time thing! I bought a Frontier Cruiser backpack, same as macpac, with my first child over 10 years ago, and it has done all 5 kids and still going strong. Worth the investment so you can still do things with toddler/baby on back. they really love the view too (and the hair to pull[}:)]).
I cant advise on which fruit trees to put in, but someone else will :D
I have learnt so much about chooks on here - search over some of the past threads for helpful info before you begin. :D

Some people are so poor, all they have is money.

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12 years 8 months ago #381628 by Andrea1
Welcome to the site! If you are in an area that gets late frosts or freezing rain (which we get heaps of in spring!), go for fruit varieties, especially plums, that flower later than earlier. We have a number of Black Boy peaches that have done amazingly well, as well as one Golden Queen peach that does great every year, even though it's ancient. We had initially tried with apricots and early flowering plums, and after 4 years of no fruit (early flowering, so winds, rain and heavy frosts just did not do them any good), we pulled them up and gave them to someone in Chch, and there they thrive. Pears and apples seem to alternate years of productivity, cherries do well, and the BB peaches are just prolific. Best probably to find a local nursery open-ground growing varieties that are best suited to your local area, and suss out your microclimate as well, they really vary tremendously.

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12 years 7 months ago #382428 by Velvetfields
Thank you so much guys.. I'm surprised to have some welcoming messages already with some great advice! I've picked up my fruit trees today so hopefully I've made some good choices. Got a blackboy peach in there so sounds like a good choice there! Billington and Black doris plums, Du comice and Winter nelis pears, a redgold nectarine and an apple which I have forgotten the name of!
After a terrible thunder and lightening storm this afternoon which I couldn't possibly take my 9 month old out in, my orchard will wait until tomorrow to be planted. Hopefully during my precious one an a half hours whilst he is down for his sleep. Lots of help from my helpful husband and I should see them in the ground.
I have a front pack, but the backback is the way to go for these chores I think, can't wait for a warm fine day for him to put his new crawling skills to use in the outdoors on the grass. Will be a whole new world.

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