Canterbury, Mandeville Woman wants to play Poker while Gum Tree's grow.

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12 years 9 months ago #27417 by BFree
There must be a couple of women or men Tram Rd, North Cant way that would be delighted to sit in each other's castle's during school hours, play poker and try and win .50 chip off each other. We could talk paddock and you never know if it's a hit we could make a regular event of it. Barbara 03120205

'Interested in growing produce tree's to feed all the local children's belly's and vegetables to fill all friends and families pantry's. 'Keen on sharing seeds and trading surplus. 'Like having a Winter vege garden and want to try a hotbed of manure for earlier Spring season after reading an article on this site.

I would so love to hear any success or failure stories involving Winter vege garden or to be honest I would been keen on any sort of good farming/growing story, lol. x[^]

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12 years 9 months ago #377243 by kaybe
Ah BFree, I'd be in like I shot if I lived down your way. I used to play poker regularly with the guys (I was an honorary 'guy') where I used to live. I do miss it. We only played for the contents of our penny jars...

Tomorrow is the day I will stop procrastinating.

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