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13 years 2 months ago #27027 by Don't Panic
A mostly harmless thread. was created by Don't Panic
So, a little about me. I'm 30. I spent the first half of my 20s in university and on ski resorts. I spent the second half of my 20s working too many hours in offices mostly in the UK (stupid weakening pound means I feel like I am treading water the last couple years).

I enjoy my job and have a good life here but it's never quite felt permanent. I've toyed with various plan B's over the years but none of them have appealed enough to convince me to pull the ejection handle.

So the dream that makes sense on a couple of fronts is a lifestyle block. I love being outside, even when it's to do weeding. I'm a food geek too, so the prospect of growing my own excites me since it should mean better quality. I'm also becoming more and more convinced that local food is the only ethical and sustainable way to feed ourselves.

I'm hoping I can convince my boss to hire me as a remote consultant, part-time if necessary, worst case I can do some freelance work / Internet businesses. This should provide income for the annoying expenses and capital expenditure I'll need.

The plan is still taking shape (I'm at least a year away from being financially or personally ready to move) and will be adapted based on the opportunities available to me once I make the move.

I'm leaning towards living in the South Island because I like being near mountains (for snowboarding and tramping when I do have time off) and the unscientific impression I get is that land is cheaper (although possibly less productive at least for supporting animals). I also like the weather better.

I'm the stereotypical amateur who wants Noah's ark (sheep, beef, pigs, chickens, ducks) and a botanical garden (a few fruit trees, a vege patch, timber) but I plan on building up to it gradually so we'll see where reality sets in.

Unless things go really well for me financially I'm going to build a barn and get temporary accommodation sorted out because I think my money is initially better spent on trees, fences, tools, and maybe some weaners.

I don't know if I'll go with a barn+accommodation or pre-fab housing or a camper van or any of the other bright ideas people have had in threads here, I suspect like everything else, it depends.

I'll build the dream house later when money permits and I know exactly what I want. I'm single so the dream house is less important right now. I've lived in some pretty small and cheap places in my youth.

At the moment I'm doing quite a lot of reading and playing with ideas so I'll probably have a lot of dumb questions. It's quite probable that I won't buy for a year after going home (spend time getting experience and road testing the idea by working for various people I know with land) so all my "plans" are very indefinite at the moment.

Well, that's enough for now - that's a lot of detail for what amounts to no real plan yet. Anyway, thanks for reading.

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13 years 2 months ago #373676 by MooandPop
Replied by MooandPop on topic A mostly harmless thread.
That sounds awesome! You'll love living on some land.

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13 years 2 months ago #373681 by ngeorge
Replied by ngeorge on topic A mostly harmless thread.
Welcome, Don't Panic,

This is a terrific forum to get questions answered. You might consider renting a little place until you know where/how you want to live longterm. We immigrated from the USA 8 years ago and it was our second place that ended up perfect for us. Some times you have to try on something to see if it really fits.

We also came to NZ on holiday several times before we moved, to view different parts of the country for ourselves in different seasons. Of course that was cheaper to do 10 years ago due to very high airline ticket prices now.


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13 years 2 months ago #373682 by Organix
Replied by Organix on topic A mostly harmless thread.
Sounds like you know where your towel is [;)]

Sounds like a great plan and there are few better places to be when things get tough in the future than down here in the bottom left hand corner of the Pacific.

The one caution is your considering using a camper van or similar as medium term accommodation in the South Island. The novelty of 'roughing it' to that extent will soon lose its appeal, but other than that go for it and let the adventure take you where it will. My OH while observing from Nova Scotia had Nelson set as her intended destination in NZ but we have ended up in Taranaki due to a variety of factors, for now. Suggest you do the top to bottom trip of NZ and see what location grabs you :)

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13 years 2 months ago #373693 by Don't Panic
Replied by Don't Panic on topic A mostly harmless thread.
Whoops, forgot to mention the somewhat important fact that I am originally from New Zealand so I'm already sure the country is right for me and have some idea which parts I prefer.

I've lived in some low tech accommodation for semi-extended periods before (winter in a rundown ski lodge, summer in a bivvy bag under a tarp, student flats, etc). It's not novelty that appeals to me but frugality. I'm leaning towards building / installing something permanent (barn + accom or a prefab 1 bed) so I have room for guests etc who I might not want in the main house all the time, but without hard numbers it's tough to say what the budget will stretch to.

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13 years 2 months ago #373709 by Seaside
Replied by Seaside on topic A mostly harmless thread.
Hello and welcome from another HHGTTG fan :)

Rough and save as much money as you can while you don't have kids. Once they come along, long term caravan living is... um... not for most people.

Something to mention is that caravans and campervans are much more expensive here than in the UK. Check out Trade Me to get an idea of prices. So you might want to bring one with you - though you'll have to weigh the cost of transport, customs and GST may be payable.

Kids, beasts, and chillies in Swannanoa South.

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13 years 1 month ago #373790 by LongRidge
Replied by LongRidge on topic A mostly harmless thread.
Unless you can somehow get an exemption, the maximum area of land that you will be allowed to own is 5 hectares (12.5 acres). Europe and England has grown farm plants for a thousand years and more, and the soil is suited to those plants. The places in England where the plants are not suited to farm plants are reverting very rapidly to native "weed plants". During the WW2, my father was required to plough church-yards and parks in England that had never been farmed, and it was soon found by him and others why these areas had never been farmed.
NZ has only been farmed for 150 years, and very few places grew farm-type species of plants before Europeans came here. Most of the soil in NZ is not as right for farm species as much of Europe is. Thus inputs are needed to get rid of the native "weeds" (and imported weeds) and to make the soil right for farm species.
Thus with only 12 acres and no inputs, you will be hard-pressed to grow enough to change your diet.

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