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13 years 2 months ago #26538 by dannyboy.fitch
Hello my wife and I currently live outside Tauranga on 400 acre farm that I manage. We have one lively one year old boy and love country life. We attend church at GIBC which meets in Tauranga at the Historic Village. We love are active in our community, school's, and work and use the farm for teaching young people about farm life. We are currently experimenting with our meat birds(Indian game, Road Island Red, Light Sussex, Ross Cobb, Barred Rock) by crossing several of our Indian game/cornish hens with several different types of pure bred cockerals and vice/versa. I have read much regarding Indian Game/Cornish chickens but am wanting to learn as much as I can. Love any impute that anyone would have.

Dan, Abby and Ezra Fitch

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13 years 2 months ago #368532 by Sue
Replied by Sue on topic Lifestyle Farming
Welcome to LSB dannyboy, I'm sure you will find the discussions of help and look forward to your input!

Just a note-Ross and Cobb are two seperate breeds of commercial meat chicken-in fact they are competitors in the commercial market place and are themselves hybrids, the end product of their respective developers company breeding programme!

Labrador lover for yonks, breeder of pedigree Murray Grey cattle for almost as long, and passionate poultry person for more years than I care to count.

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