looking for rabbits to shoot near Christchurch

13 years 4 months ago #26311 by Kaninchen
Hi all,

Our recently acquired 'block' has a total of 660m2, so I feel like I don't quite belong here :o, but it's the first time I've had any dirt I could call my own, so I've got big plans for fruit, veggies, a couple of chooks and bees if I can keep them alive and the neighbours agree. My partner Martin has no interest in the garden, so I get a free hand there, but he's busy dreaming up ways to make our oldish house warm and energy efficient and is very interested in passive solar design etc. He was actually wondering just recently if there was a forum out there where he could chat to people with experience in that area. Does anyone know about anything like that?

The main reason for joining this forum at this point though is to find some rabbits to shoot for the freezer :) . We've hunted some rabbits before, but our main 'rabbit contact' is hours of driving away and it would be nice (and more environmentally friendly) to find something closer to Christchurch, where we live. I think we are both pretty responsible people and are more than happy to adapt to your requirements. We've both got gun licenses (though Martin is the better shot) and we've got quiet guns with silencers if you are worried about noise. Martin also has an airgun which would be a safer option if your block is only small. We'd also be happy to shoot some other pest animals that bother you.

Anyway, it would be great to hear from you if you've got a rabbit problem and I hope the moderator doesn't consider this as offering a service ;)

Best regards,

PS: Does anyone have any tips for tanning rabbit skins?

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13 years 3 months ago #370506 by as
Hi Hanna
I've tried the recipe from this site (half quantities with one hide) once and it gave me a very supple hare skin with little effort. I think it's worth a little pratice before working with bigger batches of pelts. just wear glasses to protect your eyes when working with the acid.

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