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14 years 1 month ago #23283 by cloud
:confused: Dear people. I hope you are not confused by my title. Let me introduce myself to you. I am a 35 year old guy from Auckland city. I run and manage my own small business..that i hope will become a big business. I am really wanting to find a rural property. The city life is really lost its allure for me. the only problem is that I do not have the borrowing ability right now to purchase any land. I was wondering if their is any kind person here who would consider a rent to buy type arrangement? I can offer as a deposit some good buses as part payment. Buses could be converted into mobile homes or used as Passenger service vehicles up to 4 of them. I can also offer my services as a hard working laborer, i am good at a few chores around the farm. I grew up in a farming community in southland. I will consider any area in New zealand. The other option is renting for which i will definatly consider if you have a rural place that you may consider renting? Or you may have some other suggestions for me? feel free to reply here or call me on zero two one one zero nine 3 1 nine two. Thank you for reading my posting

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