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Kia Ora, Mauri Ora

Greeting & Salutations

Well I thought I had already done this, but alas..:confused: Introducing me..[:I]

I think our situation may be a little different to many of yours, but our goal seems to be the same. We are trying to build a sustainable life- my Husband and 2.5 kids, daughter 11 years old, son 8 years, long haired German shepherd 1 year, motley cat 1 year.

We have come to live in the Bay of Plenty from Hamilton- our motivation for the move was to help my parents out- my Mum is a fairly healthy 66 year old and my dad is 74 years old. He had a hip operation last year and since then he hasn’t been able to do a lot of general day to day activities – i.e. mow the lawn.

Anyway, our section is about 2 acres and we stay in the house with my parents but have built a storage shed / day-games- family room out the back. Our garden is in its’ second season, the summer season went awesome. We also have access to family owned “Maori title” land with most of it being gorse, and 9 acres of paddocks.

My goal is to live simply, natural and now by next year. We have our own business that my husband manages full time and I work for “the man” full time.
Within the next 6 months I want to increase our family by 4 chickens, 3 ducks and 1 baby goat (doe). Once they are settled, I want to be able to get the eggs from the fowl and eventually milk from the goat. Although my husband has never been hunting before, (bar one time last year with my uncle) I want to live off wild game he has caught us, as well as fish etc from the sea and river. We are in the perfect place to achieve these goals. We have town supply water right now, but also a spring that the neighbours are on and I want to tap onto that for a secondary water supply by the end of next year. Our shed is set up to catch rain water but we still need a tank etc. ONE day I would like renewable energy to power everything we use, but at $20K min set up fee ( at least the ones I've seen), it’s a pipe dream.

Sorry about the blabbing on.. but anyway, I really hope to find some inspiration, tips and camaraderie on this site so hi everyone, looking forward to reading more on this great site :)

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Hi 2Axes and welcome to lsb :D

It sounds as if you have a very exciting time ahead. With so much to do, don't beat yourself up if it doesn't happen as quickly as you hope. It's easy on a lifestyle block to focus on what you haven't done, not what you've already achieved :D

One suggestion, if you get a goat then get at least two. They are herd animals and don't like being alone.

If there is anything we can help with then let us know.


Web Goddess

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14 years 1 week ago #329106 by Isla
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Kia ora 2Axes, welcome to the LSB community!

Down the road from here is a block which used to be dairy land, milked by the local resident, but he gave up when the other owners of the block wanted a share in the income without a share in the work! For about thirty years it has been growing gorse, rushes and rough grass.

About six weeks ago, as the drought really began to bite, a dairy farmer further down the road took a large tractor and mulcher to the block, presumably with a lease arranged by which all who share in the title will benefit, and has returned it to potential pasture. It'll take continued work to bring it back into decent production, but it's great to see a good bit of land being productive again of more than gorse seed and it's finally returning some income to those whose land it is.

If there's the possibility of similar development of land where you are, who knows how far your self-sufficiency might go?! Can you use the nine acres exclusively, or are they also used by others?

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14 years 1 week ago #329110 by Stu_R
Replied by Stu_R on topic Kia Ora
:) hi 2Axes :) and welcome to the LSB family :)
I am sure you can score lots of helpful advice and ideas from here ... i know i have since i have been here .. there is a wealth of knowledge from many on this site
:) i like your ideas, and i hope it all goes great for you guys :)

5 retired Greyhounds ( Bridgette , Lilly, GoGo,Sam and now Lenny) 15 friendly sheep all of whom are named and come when you call them :) , 2 goats, Mollie and Eee Bee :
Olive trees , .. old bugger doing the best he can with no money or land :)

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14 years 1 week ago #329133 by LongRidge
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Welcome. A problem that my parents had with the Maori title inside their block is that no-one knew exactly where it was, so when the whole farm was improved then that bit was too, and when the owners eventually got around to selling it they wanted the improved value, even though rental had been paid on the title for years.

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