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12 years 1 month ago #22862 by Tayhol
Questions on building new was created by Tayhol
Hi, I am new to this site and have found the posts and information on here very helpful to our situation. I have a couple of questions, I hope someone maybe able to point me in the right direction.

We are looking at putting in on offer on a small lsb in the Manawatu and are in the process of working out costs for building our family home. Although familar with building in a standard residential area, when it comes to rural we have very limited knowlege and do not want to be caught out with unexpected issues.
One area we would appreciate some advise on is the approximate installation costs and options for water storage and wastewater management. I have absolutley no idea what sort of costs are involved and would value any input or suggestions any of you may have, thanks.

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12 years 1 month ago #327662 by reggit
Replied by reggit on topic Questions on building new
Hey Tayhol, welcome to the site :D

We have been in our new house now over a year. Certainly a learning curve building on a bare block! You are right to check out costs of water and wastewater treatment as certainly adds a chunk to your building costs.

I can't think off the top of my head how much ours were, but can look it up if others don't come back with some figures.

Some things we found that might be of help and worth checking out, but keeping in mind that rules under different councils vary...
  • Get a good engineer to help you sort out what you need. Engineers have the final say over councils as they sign off their 'guarantee' on systems.
  • Don't assume you need a hugely high tech septic system. Old style two tank concrete is still sufficient for many places, with aforementioned engineers signoff and designed drainage fields.
  • Put more water storage in than you think you'll need if storing rainwater. Cheaper and easier to put two tanks in at the start than add one later on if you find you need it.
  • Question, question, question councils, as they cannot specify for you what systems you must use, only what the final outcome/standards for waste must be (again, see engineer comment)
  • Don't let council tell you you need an expensive soak hole for overflow from water storage tanks (engineer again)
Our engineer saved us many more thousands than it cost to get his advice and designs, by keeping it simple but effective. We are forever indebted to him! [;)]

Take a break...while I take care of your home, your block, your pets, your stock! [;)] PM me...

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12 years 1 month ago #327668 by Hawkspur
Replied by Hawkspur on topic Questions on building new
There are many costs that are quite different from those for an urban site, but you are starting on the right track. Good luck. :)

Costs for wastewater treatment systems can be around $10-15,000. Some systems can be cheaper, but these can be restricted as to where they can be used. If you have a small block or cannot dispose of treated waste far from a boundary or water course (which could be hidden underground), you may need to use one of the more expensive systems. Resource Consent is sometimes necessary, which is an additional cost and time factor. Definitely talk to a good experienced wastewater engineer, as mentioned above.

For a water collection system, it will depend on your supply type but could be $6,000+ for tanks, pumps, filters, first flush diversion, overflow etc. More if a bore needs to be drilled and or Resource Consent obtained.

Power supply costs vary hugely depending on the distance from the road, and could be anything from $4-30,000++. Check whether there is already a transformer at the boundary, If not, you will pay for it, and the power company then own it.

Regarding the phone connection, check what level of internet service will be available.

Do you need to form a drive, road crossing, put in culverts, gates...etc?
Check what you need in the way of fences.

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12 years 1 month ago #327686 by Pumpkingirl
Great advice there already.

My wastewater engineer cost me $500, best money I spent, especially when you see the paperwork involved!

Pump - $500-$1100 (my $1100 pump is wonderful but over-sized for most blocks, go for quality, don't scrimp on a pump).
Water tanks - I went for concrete (personal preference), as they can be be buried but plastic is fine too, and easier to install (ie, we needed a crane, plastic tanks can be rolled into place by two people).
Wastewater - I went for a system that runs on gravity so no pump is required (cheaper, and no ongoing power bills), and it uses worms to recycle the solids. However, there were lots of factors (soil, big disposal area) that meant I could have any system I wanted. My brother - on the side of a steep hill, with clay - was far more limited in what system he could use and it cost almost $20,000. Mine was about $7000 a few years ago, but would now be about $10,000.

Don't ever accept what councils tells you. Be polite, but be firm, ask for them to show you where in the Building Act (or whatever the appropriate act) it says you can't do something. As Tigger said, I got told so many incorrect things by very stern, authoratative, utterly convincing staff and it all turned out to be COMPLETELY wrong. If in doubt, refer up.

Driveway - mine cost me $500 and some wine for my neighbour who owns a bulldozer and just cut a path through a slight slope. My brother's 300m long, up-a-steep-hill driveway took four men three days using a digger, a bulldozer, an earthmover and a roller and cost $10,000. Again, don't scrimp, a bad driveway can make your life really miserable, and make sure it is wide enough for a fire engine to get up if you need it.

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12 years 1 month ago #327712 by TKFARMER
Replied by TKFARMER on topic Questions on building new
be prepared to spend $40,000 on earthworks if land is not level and using a concrete pad. Depending on how many people could live in the house decides what type of septic you have. In my case 6 bedrooms equals 12 people which means you would require a clearwater treatment plant with dripper lines cost approx $16000.would need to build for high wind zone added cost.Power if you require 3ph power tell them so they can lay 3ph to the meter board.
Once you have 3ph to the house you can do the rest later.Approx $3500 per 30000 litre plastic tank for water storage house only. tkf

Playing farmer on 3.5 acres. [:)][:)]

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12 years 1 month ago #327743 by Bunter
Replied by Bunter on topic Questions on building new
What caught us out most was the earthworks for the pad. We are on the flat in what should have been (based on previous digging close by on property) on a good solid foundation but it needed heaps more digging and fill to get the pad right. It was the only part that we couldnt really get a reliabe price on before we started.

Waste water is different in every area. Ours cost us almost $7000 three years ago and is very simple but fine for our area and ground type. Go with an engineer that knows the area and knows what the local council will allow.

26 Acres South Wairarapa.
1 Dog. 12 yearlings, and 11 weaners ...... hand reared beef x's !

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12 years 1 month ago #327770 by hilldweller
This place was a concrete pad, on a hilly site and the earthworks were - from memory - under $10k. So it can obviously vary hugely between sites. Power cable blew the budget though. Approximately an arm and a leg per metre, for about 100m. Oh, and a transformer.


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