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Just joined lifestyle block for the first time and posted an ad for our Highland Fold. So sad to be selling them but we are planning to move from Warkworth to Hawkes Bay and to concentrate on our horse breeding.

I returned to New Zealand about 3 and a half years ago complete with family and horse in tow. We settled into Warkworth and bought a biodynamic farm thinking how nice. Then followed a steep learning curve and an abiding respect for the farming methods of Rudolph Steiner. We have learned to follow the moon, the seasons and to treat our farm as an entity in its own right. Now we are planning to buy some land in Hawkes Bay and do it all from scratch. My hope is that someone interested in biodynamic farming buys our 40 acres farm near Warkworth and can benefit from all the information and set up we have put in place.

One person who will particularly miss the Highlands is our daughter who loves to round them up on her Australian stock pony. She prefers to do this bareback with a rope halter - giving me minor heart failure which makes it even more exciting for her. Her pony is like a cat when it comes to stock. She will stand looking at them with an almost predatory stance, swishing her tail. Quite an amazing site. Pony Club bores her and stock work gives her a real buzz.

We've enjoyed horses and Highlands and learning about Rudolph Steiner and what is essentially homeopathy for the land. I wonder what we'll learn about next? It seems we've been in practice for drought this year.

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Welcome to LSB. It's great to hear someone else who has found there is more to farming than throwing dollops of mineral salts and herbicides around your environment. Understanding biodynamics is a long and winding road where just as you think you're close to completing your journey you round the corner to find a whole new vista inviting your attention and admiration. Enjoy :D

Be sure to contact the Biodynamic Association regarding your hopes for continued biodynamic stewardship of your Warkworth property. Their readership and contacts would be your best chance of finding a likely buyer.

Harm Less
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Youre very welcome back and continued success with your business.

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