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Well im one of the oldies, been on here for...hmm..years and years lol :D

I live on 30 acres in Wairarapa with hubby and 2 kids. Originally from the UK but moved here when i was 13 yrs old with my folks. My dream was to have my own land for my horses. didnt really want any other animals at that stage. Well we got the land about 11 yrs ago and now have cattle, sheep, 2 goats, horses of course and chooks.

Our cows and sheep give us calves and lambs which we eat and sell, but have many ornaments in the paddocks as well [:I]

Its hard work, money comes in then makes a fast exit again, there is always something to be done on the farm, holidays are limited due to the animals, there are frustrating times and sad times, times when you just what to pack it all in....then.... sit outside with a cuppa listening to the tuis and birds, watch your animals pottering around, watch your kids feed the eels in the creek (eric the eel is a permanent resident :D ), watch your kids go into the paddock to give their pet lamb a cuddle and of course munch on a home grown steak with home grown veges....what more can you want[8D]


North Wairarapa on 30 odd acres of paradise.

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