It's been nearly....

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It's been nearly.... was created by cranky
a year since we brought and moved to our lsb. We lived on a very busy main road, with 11 hens, 4 dogs, 3 quails, 2 cockatiels, a 12 yr old son, and visiting grandkids (who don't like going home) we decided that we needed more land & a bigger house. After about 3 weeks looking on the net "I found the perfect place" I said with a :) , 2 acres of land with sheds, house, and 25 minute drive to work, perfect :D . :( alas, it was not to be, hubby said NO!! :( he didn't like the house, area, road, and not enough land. Back to the search he said:( ok said I with a big cheesy :D how about this one then, as I sat him in front of the computer, he saw it, he loved it, we brought it, we moved in 3 weeks later, now we have 11 acres, 11 alpacas, 2 llamas, 1 ram, 5 ewes, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 23 hens and a rooster, the son is now 13, the grandkids are with us even more, we still are only 25 minutes drive from work :( , yes its hard work, but we love it.

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