Not living the dream!

14 years 7 months ago #21085 by jeannielea
About 12 years ago we discovered the Wairarapa and decided to look for a place where we could grow olives as a retirement project. Three years later we found this place but there was no money left for the olives so we thought in the meantime to have a few sheep and a couple of Highland cattle. The animals took over our lives and the olives never got planted (except for the odd one) We now have Wiltshire/Polled Dorset cross sheep plus a few strays and enough Highlanders to keep a few here and others on lease land. Our daughter has helped in their management but she is about to move to Aus so we will soon be selling most of them.
I have now retired and try to keep the garden etc in shape but OH still works in Wellington so is only here at weekends to help.
Every day I look across to the ever changing Tararuas, at the animals that are now so much part of life, and am more than glad we made the change - I'd hate to go back to city living now.

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14 years 7 months ago #307312 by sod
Replied by sod on topic Not living the dream!
Know what you mean Jeannielee feel same way, sometimes it's better to go with the flow and look at how great it works out, glad are happy

Having time is a measure of enthusiasm:rolleyes:

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