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14 years 7 months ago #21074 by Xartep
We weren't really looking to move... we quite liked living at our mostly private little rugged beach just outside of Wellington. But the wind and dog registration was getting us down. We wanted to be able to grow our own food, breed dogs and for our wee daughter to be able to play outside all year round without being blown over[;)]
One day OH came home from work and said look what I found on the internet. Our new home, just listed, posted at 4:30pm on a Friday[;)]
It took me 3 phone calls before the Real Estate Agent would make an appointment for us, it was a long weekend and she would not see us until Tuesday Arvo[}:)]:( - this did not impress. Buy 3:30 on Tuesday we had made a written offer and by 6pm it was ours[8D]
5 years later we have 4 more dogs (2 intact males) and the registration costs are the same as we paid in Wellington, we don't buy meat at the supermarket and we spend most of our free (euphemism lol) time outside. I now breed 3 types of chickens and the dogs are just pets that have occasional litters. We bought Black Faced Dorper & Dorper x sheep for their meat & a friend sells us Angus cross weaners to rear for the freezer. Our large dog run got converted into a pig pen so we could grow our own bacon & ham and we recently had our fist litter of piglets, which was fun and interesting but we won't be making a habit of it.
A couple of years ago I fell in love with an Anglo Nubian goat so OH bought me a nanny in kid for my birthday :D , she gave birth and promptly died[:0] so her twins were hand reared and that started the goat fetish[;)], we now have 12!!! The boys are wethered and will add another meat type to our diet. I intend to have their beautiful skins made into rugs. One day I will start milking the goats and make my own cheese and yoghurt.
My vege garden is large and unruly and I have the intention of being able to grow almost all of our food needs there one day, if I ever get it under control LOL.
I am planning an orchard that will include many apple trees as I make cider (lots of it) every summer. We have cut down and chopped up over 100 8-10 year old pine trees to let in the sun and make room.
I often find myself thinking how much I love living here and on days like today when I can sit down in our garden with my fabulous family and enjoy a stunning Wairarapa Day I feel truly blessed.

3 Cocker Spaniels, 1 Huntaway, 3 Cats, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Cows, Ducks, Chickens, Bunnies - small petting zoo?:rolleyes::cool:

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