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Mr Man and I bought our block 4 years ago and will never look back. :D It was around that time I believe I found LSB and have been addicted ever since!:cool:

Whilst it's been a huge wake up call for us, hardwork and then some, we love it and wouldn't change a thing. We aim to buy more land as soooooon as we can, we have 17acres currently, but it is mainly for our business, so I only have about 4 of grass to keep my pets happy and fed. I keep saying to Mr Man, when we get our new land, it will be for Mr Man to put sheds on and fill them with 'manly things', but deep down he knows it's for me to fill up with more horses and the "sheds" I refer to so often, are, infact, stables :p [}:)] :D

We are both in our late twenties, Mr Man is a mechanic by trade who now works in the Dairy Farming industry side (not milking); I work part time from home doing sales/project managment/admin/accounts and play with the ponies - (read: slave to the ponies/Mr Man).

I have more pets than I can count on all my fingers and toes and wouldn't change that for the world. The animals here come in two by twos - Forget Noah's Ark, this is Nicola's Ark (that's me!) [:I]

My user name is Sundaysbest, not becuase I like dressing up on Sundays, but it's a name sake for my lovely horse Buddy, who is by Sundays Sensation... and really he is just the BEST!

"I love Sake, but Whaling breaks my heart" - 'Greenpeace'

Sundays [:I] :D

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