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Hi - *waves* :D

Hubby and I live on the outskirts of Invercargill. Been here 2.5 yrs and loving it. We live on 5 acres. Originally there was a small prefab style house - we have just recently removed it and built our dream house. Don't want to go back to the suburbs, ever.

We 'farm' sheep, two calves, chickens and have lots of pets too.

Have been a member of this site probably as long as we've owned our LS block - it has been a great resource for help and support when the books just don't do it! Also a great place to meet people all over the country with similar interests. By the way I keep getting new interests (because there is space). My latest ones are vege gardening, permaculture, worm farming, and I'm investigating perhaps taking up beekeeping one day.

If you are living nearby or travelling this way, we would especially love to hear from you.

5 acres, husband, daughter, son, me, about 12 sheep and their lambs, currently no ram (yay!), 2 Galloways, about 35 chooks, 3 cats and 2 budgies.

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