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In more way than one! Been on this site FOREVER even back to remembering when Kate took it over on her own. Age wise - 50's but still 30 in my head! Still physically fit until getting up in the morning. Laugh

Life: started on a Dairy Farm up North. Suburbia in Auckland from 7 (with a bolt back to Aunt and Uncle's farm any school holidays that could be arranged and where I was taught at a very young age how to lamb a ewe and not blush at the bull's antics in the milking shed!).

Very sucessful early career and left NZ around 21 from memory to do the big OE. LOVE the USA unlike many! Brilliant job in London and then had a ball travelling around a number of countries. Came back around 24 determined to do a Law Degree and buy my own house but somehow that got sideswiped by lust and I married at 26. Moved to the wop wops in terms of access to Universtity while living on other people's properties initially. Left NZ as no other options here for the work we were doing and ended up in Canada. One child while travelling around the world until settling back in NZ at about 29 and second child born.

Bought a 10 acre LSB with a 560 tree orchard (had to LIVE on $6,000 pa to keep it) and that was before Labour came into power and destroyed the lives of many with high interest rates (22% was not unusual) but thankfully had wonderful parents who bailed us out. Had an Angora goat stud (plenty of ET so 96 goats carried mostly), cattle for export when run with a bull for 6 weeks and sheep breeding.

Luckily in Angora goats well before most heard of them so that paid a few bills but I hasten to add I was (as per my mantra on here) culling goats with bad feet and high kemp counts that would have bought in $40,000 at Claudelands annual goat sale. I was not part of the demise of the Angora goat industry at that time! Best sale was a buck for $70,000. God send!

For business reasons, moved to a 15 acre property in Auckland 21 years ago and am still on the same property. Unfortunately the marriage went out the window 3 years ago but it was amicable and we are both doing OK in our respective lives.

One piece of advise for all of you who are new to LSB living. DO NOT allow it to come between you. I hasten to add that that was not the reason we split (hell we made 28 years of it!) but with work taking one partner away from home hugely, it is too easy to begin seperate (even if amicable) lives and allow a communication breakdown and even resentment to creep in so keep those lines of communication open and take some time away from your farm to reconnect. I am laughing as I write that as when you get a LSB - where else do you need or want to be? I know that but I also know that life goes on outside the farm and you need to keep in touch with it and each other.

Now - I am over it to a certain degree with having sold off some land leaving me with about 6 useable animal acres plus 2 acres of beautiful original native bush with glow worms. I have two retired horses and seven retired sheep. One dog and one cat (part Maine Coon so plans on killing any cat intruders!). For personal reasons I will stay here in the immediate future (with visitors saying "how the hell could you ever replace this?") but my dream (being a Water Dragon in Chinese Astrology) is to end up in a cottage near water. It must have a verandah sheltered from the weather with an old settee on it and a wood burning stove. Beyond that - I don't know and I don't care!

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