Rottie Goat mad.:)

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Well we have been here on our 2 acres nearly 6 years. Our eldest left home to go and live with his girlfriend, and we had another son and his girlfriend living with us, a daughter in the 7th form and our youngest daughter who was then 11 (from memory which isnt the best lol).
We lived in Titahi Bay where I was born and Bred. (will always be a Bay girl at heart) We married 31 years ago and built a house on the top of a hill in the Bay with beautiful sea views. We brought up our 4 kids there in a culdesac terr5ace. It was a great childhood for the kids. We had a park on one side, a reserve at the back which in later years was made into a concrete path down to a street which led to the local beach. As in those days everyone knew each other and all the kids played together. As happens, the kids grew up and families began to move away. Great friends of ours who lived a few doors up took the plunge and moved to Manakau just north of Otaki. they lived on their 4 acres in a shed. They after alot of talking talked us into taking the plunge and moving to Otaki. We took our youngest daughter with us and the other 2 went flatting in the Bay, not wanting to follow Mum & Dad as they had their life and friends still in the Bay.
Anyway here we are and would have to say we would NEVER go back to suburbia. We love our lifestyle here. the first year was very hard, I missed the kids I had left behind (even though we saw them most weekends) missed the eldest whod moved to hamilton and it was like going back to only having 1 kid. Hubby found it hard as he was travelling back and forth to wellington each day for work. He is an Architechual Designer and worked for one of the big firms in Wellington. After the fist year Hubby decided with abit of pushing from a workmate and mentor to go it on his own. (His mate had done it a year earlier. Well he bit the bullet and hasnt looked back. he now works from home and travels to welly only once a week now to see clients or for meetings/seminers. He loves working in his office (sleepout) and haveing such peaceful surroundings.
I am sight impaired and do not work but do my fair share around the grounds etc.

We met Bev through lsb which is how I got hooked on goats. We travelled up to Te Aroha and got "Henry" who alot of you know of, when he was a tiny 2 week old kid. he is now over 100ks and turned 5 in July. We became firm friends with bev, and have kept in touch ever since. We ended up getting a few goats from her. she even came for a surprise overnight stay early this year. We had 10 goats at one stage, but now have a nice number of 5. They do not earn their keep, but are just here to be loved and spoilt:)
We have a beautiful Rottie who also turned 5 in July, (2 days befoe Henry lol). Henry is a special goat, he has made it on the LSB calender one year, also as a Christmas card which everyone loved.

The vets here know him well and think he is just awesome to.

Lsb has been a great place to get info (although when your new and ask for help, sometimes you get so much it can be confusing lol. I soon learnt to take what made sense to me and leave the rest. Bev was brilliant on the phone to for info.) I have made some great friends through the site.
People being people there is sometimes abit of tension in some posts, but normally nothing that can not be sorted out lol. Kates a great webb goddess and the Grouch when she needs to be lmao:)

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