I've caught chicken-itis :)

12 years 7 months ago #21036 by chicken_itis
I was brought up in suburbia in Richmond, Nelson.. always dying to live on a farm. When I was 13 I managed to get my first lovely standardbred mare, After that I pretty much lived in the paddock :D .
And slowly the horse numbers grew. After being kicked out of home at 15 I went to live in sunny little Mapua (Nelson reg).
At 19 I met and moved in with my now fiance. We are on his fathers dairy farm in the Rai Valley, milking 250 mixed heard of jerseys and fresians.
After having 3+ (usually 5 or so) horses on the go at any one time, riding my but off I have taken a break.
We now have a lovely 5month old daughter.
I just have the 2 horses at home (one for sale) and 2 leased out.

Last January we got a large hutch and 4 shaver girls for eggs. All was going well. Very friendly lovely girls that would take a walk to the pen in the garden to do the weeding.
The one event that changed it all...
Dog got in, chicken got out.
So 3 eggs a day was not enough!
Long story short..
I now have
3 shaver girls (Whitey, Fighty, Red)
2 3/4 shaver (spotty and dotty)
4 hylines (my sisters due to move to her house soon.. Rita, Ruby, Benedict, Noodle)
2 partridge silkie girls (goldie and blondie)
1 frizzle/sizzle (yet to be named..)
2 Araucana/orp blue girls (lemon and yet to be named) 9wks old
1 dark blue boy brother to the above, moving to the neighbors when hes bigger
1 gold silkie rooster (not yet named)
1 RIR, just brought as broodie (bebe)
12, 2 week old chicks (not named!!)
Of them 2 gold laced wyandottes, 5 silver " ", 3 barnevelders, 2 barred rock.
And that is just about it!
My partner is not too into chickens.. but as I remind him if Bruce hadn't got my number 4 chicken...

If any one is interested we have 10 dogs, 2 my own pet dogs(Slinky, Pobby), 1 working hairy dog (sam), the rest pig dogs (Jess, Kim, Sooty, Bruce,Ted, Tas, and new dog Wag). 1 x-wild cat (Sharky).

Oh yes another thing about me is I'm a Vegetarian, yep I'm with a pig hunter.. makes life rather interesting to say the least![xx(]

Thats about as much as i can be bothered typing just now :D he he

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12 years 7 months ago #306977 by Leeanne
Replied by Leeanne on topic I've caught chicken-itis :)
THey say opposites attract!!!

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