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9 years 10 months ago #37991 by princehothotprince
I can't believe I'm finally doing video my long talks wave of video yeah her small talk to me all kinda back initially before picture time aweek story how I lost all the way also FAQs the fear thank you for yourquestion France earnestly not 212 so crazy I and I do you think carry reasonably ok a number to be back hi not say if theydon't know how much do i wait now right now way I 5 your weight fluctuates throughout the day highway between 147 149 pounds right now to under and talk pounds to 100 baby frasure fifty-pound gilbert et my breath away when to be 200 poundswhich the past obviously Michael Weightman tobe 50 my ole to be anywhere between 130 and 135 even between 130 and 140 outta the number on the scale me it'smore of my body where I get there I never want to be I never want to be like to call hiiipersonally like her fachet 5 14 I have here and now I'm wearing I year I would say it when I started toballoon last sigh I'm lately I didn't exercise at all I wouldnot I past eating all the wrong thing I pocketdial .


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