Knitters please help!

9 years 8 months ago #37862 by 16 Paws
It sounds like there are a lot of keen knitters around this site. Here is a link to a world record that you might be interested in taking part in. You could even combine it with knitting in public! Our local hospice (Hospice Southland) is undertaking a world record knitted scarf. Any one, anywhere, can help. Basic instructions are for 66 stitches, 4 mm needles, garter stitch, double knit, cast stitches on using two needles ( I'm not sure why that's so important, but that is what is specified). The direct aim is to have a project that patients and their families can contribute to as they feel able, and to raise awareness of the Hospice and the area it covers - from Invercargill to Glenorchy 250km away. Because it's all eventually, (after getting the record of course!) going to be stitched together into blankets, at this stage the aim is to knit two metre segments. If the blankets are needed in NZ, they will stay in NZ. It would be great if any of you wanted to join in on the effort!

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