Overlocker brand/model advice???

12 years 6 months ago #29691 by highgirl
I'm looking at purchasing an overlocker and have seen a singer model 14T554D www.sewingdirect.co.nz/singer/singermachines.htm and a janome 644D www.creationsunlimited.co.nz/Janome%20Overlockers.htm

They both have the same rrp and the janome is currently $300 off and the singer is $200 off bringing them down to $599 and $699 respectively.

Can anyone provide any advice or thoughts as I really don't know a lot about overlockers or brands...or spare parts accessibility or repair.

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12 years 6 months ago #402445 by Mich
Hmmm, both have features that sound good, specially the automatic lower threading. What do you mainly want to use it for? Just to finish seams, or do you think you'll use the other features? Just wondered if it would be worth contacting an independent sewing machine repair place and asking them about the availability of spares, ease and cost of repairs, potential problem areas, how fiddly etc.

I've always liked the Janome brand myself, but currently use a Bernina machine and overlocker, so can't speak from experience on either of these brands.

Let us know what you decide.
Cheers, Mich.

Good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help someone up. Anon.

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12 years 6 months ago #402691 by jeannielea
It's a long time since I used an overlocker but if possible have a demonstration and actually sit at the machine and have a go yourself. As Mich says automatic lower threading is a really important feature, the rest is probably up to what you feel best with. But once purchased you will love it!! I'd have thought both those brands would be okay but Mich's idea of an independent check is good. You will need to purchase new blades sometimes and I always found getting an expert to re-tension sometimes was a help.

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12 years 5 months ago #405766 by Belle Bosse
I own Husqvarna machines; sewing and overlocker. Both made in Sweden. I can't fault them. The workmanship is excellent. They feel solid and sound beautiful, like the machine is purring when in use.
Purchased in 97, '99 my machines are getting a few years behind them and if either had to replaced, it would be with another Husqvarna.

I bought the 4 thread Huskylock overlocker second hand, back in '97, but it still works beautifully. There are times when I have to consult the manual to thread the lower looper, but you get to know how to do that after a few failed attempts and broken threads. The first few times it is intimidating, but you grow into it.

The only maintenence the Huskylock has received since I've had it is: oil to specified moving joints and lint removal from the interior of the machine. The blade is still sharp and when the machine was "mucking up" the problem was simply... blunt needles.

The trick with threading the overlocker when changing colours is to knot the new colour onto the thread that is already threaded, raise the foot and gently pull the thread through. If your knots are too large they will be halted by the needle and by the lower looper and you will have to take it from there to finish the threading process.

But back to your other question: Singer or Janome?
I cant tell you.
It is something you will have to try out for yourself... ask for a hands on Demo of the machines in question and ask lots of questions. Most sewing machine sales reps are happy to answer questions and show off their machine's ability.

Does the machine have a sweet sound to it or is it rough like a chaff cutter... if the blade is in use you can expect to have a soft chop, chop, chop sound as they operate.

Definately ask about the maintenence and parts and accessories availability.
A good machine will have service parts and accessory ranges available for many years after the machine is sold.

Does the machine give you a solid feel or does it feel like a "plastic fantastic" that wont last?

Good luck with your search and happy sewing. Once you have an overlocker for seam finishing, it is so hard adjusting to sewing without it!!

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