Baby Beanies for Africa

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Baby Beanies for Africa was created by Lu5
My mum lives in Cape Town and knits beanies for new born babies at Mowbray Maternity Hospital. The hospital would like to give each baby born there a beanie and a pair of booties. Between 600 and 700 babies are born at the hospital every month, so I thought I'd see how many I could get knitters in NZ to make too. Many of these babies are from very poor townships and as babies loose so much of their body heat through their heads, this really could be a life saving gift. I've set up a page on our work website which gives you a very easy pattern for the beanies. 1 x 100gms ball of 4 ply wool makes 5 beanies so they're nice and quick to do too.

I know that there are lots of worthwhile organisations in New Zealand that people knit for, but just thought I'd pop this on here if anyone would like to join me to really make a difference to another life. As there are so many South Africans living in NZ that I'm planning on sending them back to Cape Town via various people travelling there rather than risk posting them. They're so tiny and can tuck into all sorts of spots in suitcases and if someone is only going as far as Joburg, I'm sure we'll be able to find a similar hospital who would love to pass them on to mothers who desparately need something to keep their new precious baby warm. Thank you for reading.

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Welcome Lu5, I am not a knitter, more of a knotter, but there may be some of us here that could help you. I see you are in Torbay, not too far from me :D

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