Animal feed

For many of us the main problem on the farm is feeding our animals. The drought has left many without much in the way of pasture and winter is approaching. What can you do?

Calculate a feed budget. A feed budget calculates your feed situation now, what additional feed you can expect to grow and what feed your livestock will need. It's not a simple process but if you need help then there is a free feed planning support line.

Tips on how to maximise the feed you have available

Tips on how to reduce the amount of of feed you need

Not sure how you're feeding through to spring? Help is at hand.

Call the free winter feed planning service to talk through your options to farm through to spring. This service is open to all stock owners, from lifestyle blocks to the largest stations, anywhere in New Zealand. You do not have to be drought affected. Call now:

  • 0800 BEEFLAMB (0800 23 33 52) Once you have identified your needs with a feed plan, order in food as soon as you can. 

Feed coordination available

If you are running out of feed choices,  try the feed coordination service sooner rather than later. Four coordinators are set up nationally to help connect up farmers with available feed sources. While they may not be able to find all the feed you need, they are working with the primary sector groups and Trusts to help farmers and livestock owners in each region. 

Register with them through the 0800 numbers above, or directly here: I Need Feed

If you would like to email the feed coordinators, you can contact them on drought&This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will get in contact with you.

Possible feed sources

  • Feed Noticeboard - AgriHQ . Check back regularly as a lot of sellers are active now.
  • Your feed merchants. Some feed can take up to 12 weeks to arrive in NZ.
  • Trademe. Check the reputation of the seller and their products.
  • Your local facebook, farmer or lifestyle facebook groups.

Tap into your online communities forums offer help and support to lifestyle farmers all over NZ. :

If you use facebook you can tap into community in your region or depending on what kind of farming you're doing

NZ Lifestyle block farmers:

Hawke's Bay Drought:

Farming Mums NZ:

Hurunui Adverse events:


NZ Goat talk:

Rural Support Trusts:


Clean drinking water is essential for animal health.

How much water do animals drink?
Living on roof water
Water saving tips

If you want mental health advice and support then contact your GP. If your GP is unavailable and you want to talk to someone you can call 1737