View Full Version : One of my chooks has yellow bits in her beak

25th July 2011, 03:11 PM
I noticed one of my girls sort of holding back when I fed them yesterday, she seemed a bit disinterested in hoeing in like the rest.
Today she did the same thing. I had a look at her and she has yellow bits inside one side of her beak. It looks like two or three small flat grains of rice that are stuck there. On the outside is what looks like a yellow 'stain' on the skin from the edge of the same side of her beak, down towards her feathers.

I have no idea and have sat staring at the Google Home page wondering what to actually google.... I don't think I have a strong grasp of the whole 'key word' idea.... well anyway, why mess about clicking on sites that look like a possible answer and finding something totally different.... like 'chicken with saffron rice'. Ask the experts!

Anyone know?


25th July 2011, 03:47 PM
My first suggestion is Fowl Pox!

Sometimes a bit difficult to find good pictures but here are a couple of links.


If you read the info. you will find tere are two forms of Fowl Pox, wet and dry! The dry form tends to produce scabby spots over te comb, the wet version forms spots/plaques also known as diphtheritic nodules in the mouth. The symptoms do not have to be as severe as some of the phtos. It is a reasonably common disease, especially north of say Hamilton, where insects, like mosquitos tend to be the vectors. The first link has a particularly good picture of the nodules in the mouth!

It is caused by a virus, no cure except perhaps extra nutritious food and some vitamin mix to help her over it. It is slow spreading and will also take a long time to recover.

25th July 2011, 04:24 PM
Buggar, yep, the little yellow things look like the ones in the birds mouth, like flat flakes of rice rather than a rash/scabby mess.

So, what's high in vitamins for a chicken.... they get chicken pellets and grit and whatever they get from around the chook run, they can also get out into the back yard/lawn, hedge, trees etc but in this dire weather they aren't straying far from their house.

Is it contageous? For birds and humans and anything else?


25th July 2011, 04:28 PM
Yes it is contagious to other chickens, but not humans-have you checked the others-they might have the dry version-just little black scabs on their combs.

There is Ornithon Vitamins for birds but Simkin has/had a supply of Poultry Vitamins which might help-send her a PM and see if she still has some which she could post.
This time of year a bit of extra protein wouldn't go amiss-perhaps some meat/milk or fatty scraps. Dog roll is useful too.

25th July 2011, 10:43 PM
Ok, I need to get some ornithon anyway. I got a different type of vitamin the last time, it's in a sort of clear yellow paste and is supposed to be mixed with their feed (in this case, cockatiel seed for Freya) but what a palavar! It's greasy and I'd rather add ornithon to her water.

I'll stick some in the chooks water too. Slugger my crossed beak old darling (8 years old now) could do with some dog roll too I figure. She's not that hot at catching bugs, tenacious but it has to be a big worm before she wins any worm eating contest.

I had a look at the others, there may be one other, their feathers seem a bit sort of messy around their 'ears' like they've got something sticky on them but they're not sticky, just messed up.