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I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I can buy goatsmilk in Christchurch? So far I have only been able to find powdered goatsmilk in health food stores. Can you buy it in tetra packs?? My daughter is 15 months and has been on goatsmilk formula due to digestive problems and now I dont know what to do as she needs to come of the formula and go on to a normal milk. Can anyone help me?
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You can buy it in tetra packs from the supermarket, but the taste is nothing like fresh goats milk, my local organic shop sells it, but it's expensive, but much nicer than the shelf product.

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Ask this question on Your Place. Andrea has dairy goats.
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You can by it at the Woolworths supermart up here in Northland, and it is marketed by NannyGoat Lane packed by Waikato Dairy Co-op.There is a goat breeder that lives in ChCh who I believe could supply you with milk or , if you want I can look up his name.
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Hiya -- there is indeed a commercial dairy in Chch (well, just outside of Lincoln, actually). Greenpark Dairy it's called, and I know he markets locally. I can't remember where, but you can try ringing the Canterbury Cheesemonger (he's on Salisbury St in Chch, and I know I've seen fresh goat's milk for sale there as well). The milking season is coming to a close, and I don't know if Greenpark is fixed to milk through or not. I'd rather not put his name or contact info here, as I'm not sure he'd appreciate it. But you can find out where to purchase it from the cheesemonger. Also, Piko Whole Foods stocks it when it's available, so you can try them as well (they're at the corner of Barbadoes and Kilmore).


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