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driveway width

i'm putting in a new driveway from road to house, how wide should you make driveway metal and driveway fencing? i think fencing quite tight to driveway will cut down grass cutting and not too narrow so trucks can still get up, any ideas please, thanks
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Most gates I've found are 12 feet wide (about 4m) so I made my actual driveway 4m wide but left 2m on either side to allow for bad driving

That 4m wide is big enough for my neighbour's super duper big tractor but not for his extra big rotary hoe (he leases part of my place for maize). It is definitely wide enough for the big stock truck to come in easily.
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Hell Pumpkingirl 2m on each side for "bad driving" .......boy they must be a bit rough in your neck of the woods, anyway good to see you are thinking about big tractors etc, but for Whitn, if you make it too easy for folk that have "bad driving" they will just speed up, and hey what do you have then...... just a bigger mess to clean up later. Each situation to suit itself really, by the way a 12foot gate is 3.66m.
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I have a very beaten up 1300cc hyundai.. it's hoon city at my place
And yes, my imperial-to-metric conversions are slightly dodgy but you know what I mean!

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how long is the driveway..??????? and yes be kind to contractors, nothing worse than having to concentrate down some poncy fancy little drive and missing the fences etc.. I dont own my 200 m drive, and it would have 2 m either side which is very useful if the neigbhour has parked on it so I can drive around.. a comm truck did drive off it ( he must have been on drugs) and really mucked it up despite being straight and flat and a good wide base, another neighbour had to come haul him out with a tractor, (luckily I was at work) so manouvering room was required.
its not wasted land the animals clear the track either side so another "paddock" is formed.. AND if you do rely on contractors, re hay or whatever, they aint available if they are losing precious time having to creep down some very narrow stressful drive way.. so Ive made my raceway a good 5 m wide and use it as paddocks
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Just remember that whatever width you leave on the side of the driveway will need maintenance as in mowing, planting or weedeating so depending on your length of driveway, it may make sense to leave it the width of up and back with a lawnmower rather than itty bitty weedeating around the base of your fence - and then even more so if you want to electrify near the base and don't need plants interfering with the earthing.

With in my case with a 350M driveway, you also need an area designated for passing! It does happen and always in the middle. Laugh
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Hi there,
Our drive is a "shared" drive and by that I mean that both vehicles and stock have to use it, and it is bisected by a bridge crossing the river. At it's narrowest point is is just over 12 foot wide. Both the drive and the bridge are wide enough to allow a fert. truck or 12 ton digger to navigate them.

Mowing doesn't come into it as stock going to and from yards and cowshed deal with the grass on the way which is just as well as I have no real inclination to mow 150metre drives. I have to admit that I'm not overly interested in cosmetics but now and again I'll have a fit and spray the weeds out of it.

The important bit isn't so much the width of the drive but the access to paddocks you may have opening off it. Many a large vehicle has been thawrted getting into a paddock because the gateway hasn't been recessed and the drive isn't wide enough for it to make the turn. Before doing the drive give some thought to the absolute ultimate that it could be expected to deal with and then build everything accordingly. It's easier (and cheaper) to do it right the first time.

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I think the most important bit about driveways is to make them in such a way that emergency vehicles can go in and out without problems. We saw the concrete truck struggling going towards the tunnelhouse in our property, that made us think that the coal truck would struggle as well so now there is another gate where it is easier and have taken some trees out so any truck can use it.
Allow plenty of space, we had a grass fire last week and with a narrow gate and or driveway it would have been difficult for the fire engines, you should have seen them speeding....I was grateful for it though
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So now you have a good idea of how traffic is going to get in!! How they gonna get out??

Will they nedd to reverse out or will there be eough room for them to turn round at the top!?
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thanks for posts, recessed gateway to paddocks is somehing i hadn't thought about and passing points will be a must. as didi said i don't want to weed/cut/stock the extra driveway width. 4m wide sounds like a good amount as gates are normally wide enough. thanks

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