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Pig worm drench?

Any suggestions as to what to use? Will talk with vet tomorrow, but ideas from those who know are also useful.
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Re: Pig worm drench?

Easiest to administer and works perfectly is Flubenol ( its actually a chicken wormer ) is licensed for pigs and the dose rate is 1 gram Flubenol for every 20kg of piggy weight ... get a bread roll or a bun , butter it so the flubenol powder sticks put it together like a sandwich and give to piggy .. its gone in 1 bite
Totally Vets here in Feilding will sell it in small does and its not expensive
Your Vet may try and say it has toi be so much Flubenolk on so much feed over so many days .. it doesn't ( Sandy at the vets here and i found the 1 off dose in a manual ) it is 1 gram per 20kg .. i have been use it on my piggies for a few years now and it works perfectly
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Re: Pig worm drench?

I use ivomec injectable, does everything inside and out. I just sneak up while they have their face in the trough and jab ib the soft area behind the ear, done for everthihg, worms, lice, mites - the lot.
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Re: Pig worm drench?

And if they really don't like being stuck in the neck, you can pour it over the soft skin behind the ear (according to one of our vets). It seemed to work. The dosage was the same as you would use for injecting. I would still try to inject the Ivomec though, as a preference. But one of our sows just wouldn't let me and since she was 250+ kg at the time and heavily pregnant, I was forced to agree.
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