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What is peavine hay like?

I'm looking for additional feed options for my four weaner bulls (and fat arab pony) and am interested in peavine hay at $10 per bale. I've never fed peavine hay before and wondered how it compares to say meadow or lucerne. For that price I'm picking it's got higher nutritional value than meadow! TradeMe ad says baled from processed pea paddock so I'm guessing it's perhaps more like straw after the crop has been taken off? I haven't got as much meadow hay as I'd like in the shed so looking to buy more hay and don't mind paying decent price for decent hay (not likely to feed it to the fat pony though!).
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Re: What is peavine hay like?

See here

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Re: What is peavine hay like?

I had a bale that i got for nest box es for the chooks but the goats found it and loved it.
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