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Smoked camembert

I smoked 6 camembert cheeses for the festive season. It was just trial and error as I never smoked these before.
As it turned out, the end result was different and very nice.
Out of the 6 cheeses I had 2 only that were runners, cheese running out the bottom into a baking dish.
Cold smoking is of course the correct way of doing this but at 30C in Brisbane that was impossible.
I can highly recommend it, 3 cheeses were pricked all over and the other 3 were left normal. No difference at all in smoke flavour.
Smoking time was about 5 hours with a medium dense smoke from hardwood sawdust. Colour was light brown.
Some cheeses were vacuum packed for 5 days, we tried one and found the smoke flavour intensified.
I will start experimenting now with other styles and certainly will report back.
Best Wishes to everybody for 2011
Jan Brisbane.
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