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Pig pens with treated ply?

We are going to start building our pig pens soon..... A-frame with wooden floors.

I have sourced 27mm untreated ply at a very good price that we thought we could creosote. However, given that the whole structure - floors and roofing would be ply, wondered if we shouldn't be going for treated ply instead. Might last longer.

What do you guys think??

Cheers and thanks
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Re: Pig pens with treated ply?

Untreated ply is still going to contain plenty of formaldehyde in the glue so not exactly non-toxic, and neither is creosote. CCA treated ply is also toxic so 6 and 1/2 dozen there

Have you considered untreated macrocarpa planking, or another naturally durable timber (which obviously doesn't include pine), possibly treated with a more benign preservative. PM me if you're interested, but in answer to the obvious question I wouldn't recommend using Eco on the untreated ply largely due to the likelyhood of delamination
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Re: Pig pens with treated ply?

they will enjoy it for morning tea, might last until lunch time !!!!going from my experience with happy piggies
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Kevin and Perlita Morgan
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Re: Pig pens with treated ply?

Agree with BeeBee
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Re: Pig pens with treated ply?

Well I don't agree. If your pigs are going to be free-ranging and their housing is going to be of the portable A-frame style, they won't eat it. Pigs that are confined will definately eat their housing - floors, walls, roof and whatever they can reach - out of sheer boredom. In the past I've had mobile pig houses made of a variety of treated timbers and none of them were chewed up for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Confined pigs were another matter altogether.

Untreated or treated ply will be fine so long as the pigs are not confined. That is in terms of them eating it. In terms of longevity, do not creosote unless you want black pigs. Build your houses out of the cheap ply and buy some tail end paints at a low price and paint the outsides of them. The inside will be fine and the grease from the pigs will go someway to helping protect the ply. Also consider building a creep rail on both sides of your A-frame. This will stop the pig(s) pushing against the outer walls until they part company with the framework. With good construction and maintenance, your houses should see out a good 10 years.

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Re: Pig pens with treated ply?

I will tell the donkey and send a message to Sadie that she should not have done so, when she was wandering a 2-3 acre paddock.. and with plenty of branches on the ground if they wanted to clean their teeth.. I thought the glue in plywood must have been like a tinny to them.. of course the cows also had a chew on the A frame plywood house also.
BUT will admit she [sadie] never ate her plyood house when stuck in the pen.. but that was cos she was tooo busy digging a short cut to china!
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