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cows on heat, how often how long?

How often do cows go on heat and how long do they stay on heat for? This is to settle an arguement with hubby

I thought it was every 3 weeks and lasts couple of days?

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Re: cows on heat, how often how long?

Really depends on breed and individual animal. but yes from 18-23 days and can be one hr to several days.
the eggperts will come along with the text book dates etc soon, guess they have all got into the sherry for lunch
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Re: cows on heat, how often how long?

Cycles can vary between 18 - 24 days. For 'most' cows there's quite a build-up for a day or two before hand - lots of canoodling and riding, standing nose to tail, before the cow is ready to be bred. When she's willing to 'stand' whilst being ridden, she's ripe to conceive for only 12 -18 hours.

Then there are the odd cows that have silent heats - no obvious signs of heat - during daylight hours anyway!
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