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Got an old stack of Growing Today and LSB discard mags from the library the other day, and reading through one from 1997 about ducks and geese, I found they said we have Toulouse and Embden geese in NZ. Does anyone know if we still have these? I haven't previously come across mention of these anywhere, nor can I find any more recent mentions (even on the rare breeds site - I fear they may be an extinct breed here).

I'd like to get geese in a few months and Embden particularly, sounds great, all the more so if I'm helping preserve a very very rare breed.

5 acres, southdownXromneys (3 ewes, a wether & a ewe lamb, 1 hogget for xmas dinner), boerXkikos (2 does and their wether and doe kids), silkies (black pullet, gold hen, white roo), light sussex (hen, pullet, cockerel), muscovies (2 blue/gray hens, a black and white drake, a couple of ducklings with hopefully more on the way soon) and pekin ducks (3 hens, 1 drake, and 5 ducklings under the sussex hen), 60-odd new fruit/nut trees and a few very small fodder trees coming along slowly, 1 little boy, 1 husband, and 3 moggy cats.
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Re: Geese

i sold some toulouse geese about five years ago.one set went to waitarere beach and the others went to omaru.nz geese are fairly crossbred.
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Re: Geese

Taiamai here just wondering if you did find any Toulouse or embden geese ?
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Re: Geese

TandS, there is a water fowl breeder in Blenheim who may have what you're looking for, or know of some breeders. Email me for the contact details. I can't post them on an open forum.
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