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Fruit Nectars

Hi everyone,

I have an abundance of guavas at the minute and have downloaded lots of recipes to peruse. I thought I might make guava nectar with this current batch of fruit but can't decide as I don't really know what a frut nectar is? Do you dilute it like cordial, use as is in cocktails, with yoghurt or ice-cream, with cream ????? Answers would help my decision.
I have already made guava jelly (of course), guava and rosemary jelly and contemplating making a fruit leather for the first time as well as my friend gave me a dehydrator.
Thanks in anticipation.........
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Re: Fruit Nectars

Google fruit nectar and you will find that they are not 100% juice but have sugar and other additives as opposed to juice which is (supposedly!) the pure stuff. Not sure about homemade nectar but that seems to be the difference for bought stuff. My experience is that nectar is usually very thick so now wonder just what additives there might be.
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Re: Fruit Nectars

HI -- found this, which looks interesting! May just try this next year (or maybe even with the 60 or so liters of BB peaches I have to process!).


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