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Rooster being mean

Hi Guys,

We have three hens and one Roo, all Orpingtons and about 1 and a half years old.
The hens are just going through there mault and so are no laying at the moment.
They usually all sleep togeather in a house and on the same purch.
They put themselves to bed everynight and free range all day in the morning I have been leaving the door open since they are'nt laying and they just kinda come and go as they please.
However recently they have taken to going up a tree, so I have been having to put then to bed at about 5pm and letting them out which is ok but I started to wonder why they all of a sudden went up a tree and I think its becuase the Rooster is being quite mean to them, this has been confirmed at dinner time, where he peeks and chaces them and I just snuck out before and peaked in and see all the hens are purched well away from the rooster, the hens are in there nest boxes! He has been a really good Roo always taking care of them and very friendly we can pick him up and carry him around etc like a baby. Has he just come into maturity and is going a bit crazy since the hens are off the lay or something?
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Re: Rooster being mean

Well, the hens aren't any good for him, aren't they. You probably will also notice that he'll scoff down the food without calling to them. A hen who is not laying is of no value to a rooster so no need to look after them.

Some roosters are real gentlemen but what you are experiencing is not out of the ordinary.

I'd check the house for mites as mites can make it quite uncomfortable for the chooks. I use just normal fly spray when the chooks are not at home. Make sure you don't spray onto food or water.
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Re: Rooster being mean

I don't know what the 'correct' thing to do would be but I'd be putting him in solitary for a bit to give the girls some peace, at least until a better solution is reached
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Re: Rooster being mean

Yes, your right simkin he does scoof the food and has forgoten all his manners! I'll just have to hope it all improves when the lay is back on! Thanks for your reply
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Re: Rooster being mean

He's just acting normally, for a rooster! Let nature take it's course, unless he is actually damaging the hens.
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Re: Rooster being mean

I would seperate him from the hens personally, better that than have to go out every night and haul the girls down from the trees. A rooster can live quite happily in a kennel and run type thing (and let our for an hour or 2 each day when the hens are shut away) whereas you don't want the girls going off the house and nest boxes. It will only be for a few months.
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Re: Rooster being mean

Yeah, mines doing the same thing now the moult is on.

Pushes 'everyone' else away from the food and gobbles up his fill first.

Gone from being flock protector to entering the competitive pecking order at the top due to his size.
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