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Trimming a roosters beak???

Can I trim my roosters beak? He is quite elderly and a lovely boy - but the top of his beak has grown so that it is curving over the bottom of his beak and I noticed the other day he was having trouble picking up corn. I was thinking of just trying to snip a bit off - but dont want to cause any damage - would it bleed?
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Re: Trimming a roosters beak???

You could carefully clip off the pointy bit with dog toe nail clippers, as long as you only trim the horn coloured bit and not the 'quick'. Sharp secateurs might work too.

Put your index finger between the top and bottom beaks,(with your hand round the head. This will keep the head steady and enable you to see exactly where the soft part of the quick, which will bleed if you cut it, finishes.

Get someone to hold the bird with the wings in one hand and the legs in their other hand, whilst you hold the head, as described, with your left hand and the clippers in your right-if you are right handed!

I used to trim adult birds beaks, but using a hot bladed cauterising cutter, and could cut further back. If you check carefully you should be able to do it painlessly-apart from the stress of him being held in an undignified manner!
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Re: Trimming a roosters beak???

Nice old rooster...what a good mum you are taking the time.
I would........and have done so in the past. Sharp cutters or clippers are best.
Before you start, wrap the bird in a towel. Check carefully for the whiter/paler tip of the beak and use this as a cutting guide. Don't rush it and do be careful not to overcut. If you can file it off after trimming with a manicure file to smooth off the rough edges( not necessary but possibly nice)
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Re: Trimming a roosters beak???

Yep I used to trim Henrietta's (RIP ) beak for the neighbours, she was ancient and had trouble picking up bugs and the like, it used to grow like a weed. Luckily it was white/clear so I could snip it safely with the dog nail clippers.
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