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Myself and my families journey into the Far North, Self Sufficient, Lifestyle.
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Bare Foot Haven

Posted 6th October 2011 at 12:50 PM by Leonie
We made it!!!!!! Wohooooo!

We are moved in and already starting the tidy up of the house inside and the land outside.

We don't have mobile coverage, tv or internet and ya know what... That's fine by us for now. We are just going to take one day at a time and get use to the surrounds.

There is so much to look at and do, we never find ourselves bored since day one of moving in.

I find myself waking before dawn to check if the sun is coming up yet. As soon as I see a bit of daylight, I am up, gas on to boil the kettle and away I go! I just can't wait to get up and out there.

We are getting use to the water wheel off grid power system which is a 3 phase setup designed by the man who sold us the property. And when it rains we love it because we know it's doing the land good and giving us more power lol.

When you move from a suburban area where the night and day noises are cars, alarms, etc; Being in a bush surround is very different. The noise is completely different and can be quite scarey.... But we are use to it already and love the time to talk and just be!

The last owner has left me 5 hens and a rooster and there is an old chook coop that needs a bit of tidying up but it will do very nicely. The hens are broody at the moment so I need to get them into their coop soon. very healthy looking completely free range chooks which is great!

In the evening as the sun styarts going down we hear wild pigs in the bush and at night while enjoying a hot cuppa on the front porch we can hear them come down to the river.

We don't have enough power to run a fridge/freezer yet but it's no bother. We just use what we need to and don't buy lots of fresh meat etc. I've made a stone pool in the creek behind the house for keeping certain foods cool.

I'll be uploading photos and video blog to my You Tube Channel also as we progress so stay tuned.

We wake each day now, grateful for what we have and amazed at the fact that it's so beautiful, raw and real. And we love it... I do believe I am in paradise!
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