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Tuesday, 21 October 2008 18:03

Farm Dogs - General

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  • Your dog is a good and faithful companion. Whether it is a working dog, a guard dog or a household pet, it is an intelligent animal with the potential to be a real asset on the farm.
  • Your dog relies on you, its owner, for all its needs - not just food, water and shelter, but also the variety, the interest and the company it needs for a good quality of life.
  • The house dog shares your living space and has a special bond with the family. The outside dog usually has less contact with the family, less attention and quite often...let’s face it...more chance of being frustrated and bored!
  • The very fact that it lives outside means that it is likely to be tied up or kept in its run for most of the day, with little or no company.
  • Unless it gets plenty of opportunity to exercise and explore its environment each day, it will be bored and lonely, even if it has sufficient food, water and shelter. 
Dr Marjorie Orr, lifestyle farmer and veterinarian (retired)

Dr Marjorie Orr - veterinarian and lifestyle farmer. Dr Orr is a recognised authority on animal welfare in New Zealand and has served on several government committees, especially those concerned with writing codes of welfare for sheep and dogs. Her service to animal health and welfare has also been recognised by awards from the NZ Veterinary Association and MAF. She is also a strong SPCA supporter.

Website: www.lifestyleblock.co.nz/images/imgDrMarjorieOrr.jpg