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Wednesday, 15 October 2008 21:00

A glossary of pig terms

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  • Baconer - pig slaughtered at around 80kg live weight (60kg carcass weight) to produce ham or bacon.
  • Boar - entire male of any age.
  • Chopper - older mature culled animal used for byproducts (small goods).
  • Creep feed - feed for young piglets when they are with their mother, which the sow is prevented from eating.
  • Early weaning - removing sucking piglets from their mother at about 3 weeks of age.
  • Farrowing - act of giving birth.
  • Gilt - female pig from birth up to her first litter.
  • Litter - all the piglets produced at one birth.
  • Maiden sow - young sow that has not had a litter. Same as gilt.
  • Porker - pig slaughtered at about 50kg (40kg carcass) for fresh meat.
  • Piglet - young pig up to weaning.
  • Rig - male pig with an undescended testicle. Can be fertile.
  • Runt - the smallest piglet in the litter.
  • Sow - female pig that has had at least one litter.
  • Sucker - young piglet of any sex suckling its dam.
  • Weaner - young newly weaned pig or up to about 10 weeks old.
  • Weaning - the time when the piglets are removed from their dam. Varies from 3-8 weeks of age.
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