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TOPIC: Calling all Rayburn Owners

Calling all Rayburn Owners 12 Oct 2009 21:44 #20367

  • phptek
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Hi everyone and thanks for pootling along to my wee thread.

Now then, I did a search for "Rayburn" and it popped up a result of about 10 threads since 2006, which were mostly about other things, mentioning "Rayburn" only incidentally.

I thought it might be nice to start a sort of LB Rayburn Supporters Club for these marvellous and reliable beasts, at least in thread form (until we campaign long and hard and get our own forum, then website and then the worrrrld muwahahwahahhahaa!)

I work in IT, and in lots of forums I post to, they require you to give a terse description of your problem and system-setup before asking a question so that replies have a minimum amount of info to go on.

My "setup" is a massively insulated house, recon Rayburn Supreme, plumbed into 12.2kW of radiators (6 of varying sizes) and towel rails. The Rayburn will also be plumbed into a 400L cylinder and will boost 30+ evacuated tube solar collectors (NW+NE facing).

My "Problem" is more like a question: What provision do you have in your house for ventilation, if any? A central heating cooker when running full tilt, can cause drafts in the house as it sucks up air to combust with, so some source of ventilation is needed to get some further air into the house.

Do you have a grate in the floor under the Rayburn? A special flue, or do you just have a drafty house! LOL :-)

Thanks very much all. Once you all get to answer, I guess we could make this a Rayburn free-for-all (while keeping it clean of course!)

Me? Cambridge, UK - OH, Maupuia, Wellington.

We built our Villa! Now living happily ever after: www.theruss.com/blog
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Calling all Rayburn Owners 13 Oct 2009 09:40 #300215

  • Beltie
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My set up is a huge old house which is probably massively under insulated! One Rayburn Nouvelle inherited with the house - guessing at 15-20 years old. Does hot water (no idea of tank size) and 8 radiators.

Ventilation - we stuck with the easy option that was already installed - a drafty house!
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Calling all Rayburn Owners 13 Oct 2009 12:02 #300221

when we installed our contessa, there was an option for a air supply from under the house which we did install = no drafty house ;) perhaps there is something like this for the Rayburn as well?
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