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Theft and burglary is a big problem in rural communities due to isolation and relaxed security. A burglary not only means you’ve lost your belongings, but can also leave feelings of invaded privacy and unease. For some simple steps to help avoid your block becoming a target click here

Click here for more helpful videos from FMG on managing the risks on your lifeststyle block.


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Hot Wire

Hot Wire

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When the shoestring's a bit short

When the shoestring's a bit short

A weekly piece full of tips and old fashioned wisdom (with an up-to-date twist) to help with the constant battle of financial survivial.

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Down to the ground

Down to the ground

Diana Noonan, award-winning author and passionate gardener shares her ideas and inspires us to make the most of our gardens.

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  • Farming Diary for July

    July farming diaryWe may have passed the shortest day but it's still winter as far as pasture growth is concerned. Seeing early calves, lambs and kids in the North Island can easily confuse the picture. A lot of nasty weather is still to come, so be prepared with a plan to look after stock that may have been struggling in the wet and cold of winter. July is a good time to plan for what's coming up.

  • Farming Diary for June

    June farming diaryThankfully, most areas that suffered another dry summer and autumn have had enough rain to turn things green, but by no means produce a good 'autumn flush'. Some areas got too much rain all at once so much of the benefit was lost. It's not going to be an easy June unless you have good supplementary feed to build up a pasture growth 'wedge' before spring.

  • Pretty Good!

    herbsdryingwI don't have a lot of time to look at my garden. Not when I'm head-down-bum-up weeding, tipping barrow after barrow of animal manure onto the brassica beds, lugging trailer loads of kelp onto the compost, tossing great clouds of pine needle mulch over the hibernating rhubarb or scrabbling among the strawberry plants looking for runners.