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Hot Wire

Hot Wire

Telling it like it is.

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When the shoestring's a bit short

When the shoestring's a bit short

A weekly piece full of tips and old fashioned wisdom (with an up-to-date twist) to help with the constant battle of financial survivial.

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Down to the ground

Down to the ground

Diana Noonan, award-winning author and passionate gardener shares her ideas and inspires us to make the most of our gardens.

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  • Snap!

    herbseedlingwIs seed-raising on your mind? SNAP! Me too, and what could be better than some personal seed-raising tips from one who doesn't want to count the cost of buying seedlings from the garden centre come spring!

  • Why is home-kill meat so much better than meat from the works?

    meatThose of you who have eaten home-killed meat will have noticed that it is more tender and tastier than meat from animals killed in the freezing works. This is partly because commercial operators must comply with a regulation requiring that stock are visibly clean when presented for slaughter.

  • Battling the Big 'O'

    barrowofwoodIs it just me, or is the big 'O' being talked about more than anything else these days? I'm referring, of course, to 'obesity'. I'm not suggesting that we ignore the issue but, as gardeners and life-style blockers, I suspect we may very well have a lot less to worry about, where weight is concerned, than most.