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Theft and burglary is a big problem in rural communities due to isolation and relaxed security. A burglary not only means you’ve lost your belongings, but can also leave feelings of invaded privacy and unease. For some simple steps to help avoid your block becoming a target click here

Click here for more helpful videos from FMG on managing the risks on your lifeststyle block.


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Hot Wire

Hot Wire

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When the shoestring's a bit short

When the shoestring's a bit short

A weekly piece full of tips and old fashioned wisdom (with an up-to-date twist) to help with the constant battle of financial survivial.

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Down to the ground

Down to the ground

Diana Noonan, award-winning author and passionate gardener shares her ideas and inspires us to make the most of our gardens.

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  • Strawberry Surprise

    strawberryYum! I've been eating strawberries – and for the first time in 30 years they're from my own garden. Not that I grew them myself! I've tried every year since I started gardening and always, my 20-30 plants have failed to produce more than a cup a small berries. This year's secret? I got my husband to take charge of the strawberries!

  • Don't become a crime statistic

    keyswNo one wants to come home and find their property has been broken into. Unfortunately that's been the reality for a number of our lifestyle block clients of late with FMG seeing a recent increase in theft related claims - with crooks targeting scrap metal, tools and vehicles.

    With the combination of living remotely and with many lifestyle block owners spending much of their time away from their properties, your place can become a target for crime.

  • Farming Diary for February

    February farming diaryFebruary can be stressful as pastures are dry up in most areas, even those where there has been January rain, because the evapotranspiration rate is so high, aided by summer breezes. Most farmers don't check this figure available in Met service forecasts.