Theft occurs more than you might think, in fact on average one burglary is reported in New Zealand every 10 minutes! Not only is theft incredibly frustrating, but it’s also a safety risk to your family and any workers or contractors on your property. So we’ve put together a handy Rural Crime Prevention Advice Guide to help you minimise theft on your property. Click here to find out more.

Click here for more helpful videos from FMG on managing the risks on your lifeststyle block.

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  • Farming Diary for May

    May farming diaryMay is all about having enough feed available for the different classes of stock on the farm, and make sure they are well fed and have reached their required Body Condition Score and target weights.

  • Chapter 20

    chapter20When I came here, the farm was a mess. I knew what I was taking on – including the state of the soil.

  • Surprise, Surprise

    shallotsI always find gardens exciting but this week they excelled, handing me a raft of interesting surprises.


Get the basics right

  • Giving injections to animals

    injectionWhen giving injections always get veterinary advice to make sure the injections are appropriate and you know the correct procedure. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.  Various pathogenic bacteria are present on the surface of the skin and these may produce infection if injected with the medication. 

  • Johne's disease - Part Two: The Disease in Goats and Sheep

    goatfaceHave any goats on your farm died after losing weight steadily?  Did they develop severe diarrhoea?  Did their condition worsen over a period of weeks or months?

  • Flystrike

    flystrikeFlystrike is a horrible disease. In flystrike, blowflies lay eggs on the skin. Maggots hatch from the eggs and eat into the skin causing sores. This is a horrible sight for even the most experienced farmer.

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