Theft occurs more than you might think, in fact on average one burglary is reported in New Zealand every 10 minutes! Not only is theft incredibly frustrating, but it’s also a safety risk to your family and any workers or contractors on your property. So we’ve put together a handy Rural Crime Prevention Advice Guide to help you minimise theft on your property. Click here to find out more.

Click here for more helpful videos from FMG on managing the risks on your lifeststyle block.

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  • MAF Advises on Drought Management of Animals on Small Holdings

    Despite welcome rain over the past few days, many areas of the country remain in the grip of what has been described as the worst drought ever.  Because of the extremely dry conditions, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is advising small farm owners to seek help and advice if they have any problems with the condition of their animals.

  • Johne's disease - Overview

    skinnycowYou might well have heard of Johne’s disease, because it’s a common problem in ruminants.  But even if you’ve heard of it, you may not know much about it.

  • Facial eczema (FE)

    facial eczemaFE is a disease of sheep, cattle, goats, and deer. It also affects alpacas but not horses. Affected stock show photosensitisation or sunburn which can be severe, and animals are very uncomfortable, irritable from the itch and obviously in discomfort or even pain.

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