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Boer Goats

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In the early twentieth century a group of South African farmers made it their goal to breed Boer Goats - the world's best meat goat.

In 1959 the South African's formed the first Boer Goat Breeder's Association and from that time on the Boer has distinguished itself as a unique breed of livestock.

The original full-blooded Boer Goats in New Zealand were imported in 1986 and released from quarantine in 1993. Since then there have been further importations from Australia and more recently, South African genetics via Australia.

The New Zealand Boer Goat Breeders Association (1989 Inc)

The Association was established in 1989. N.Z.B.G.B.A administers the pedigree recording and registration of New Zealand Boer Goats. It has established a breed standard, based on the South African Standard, to guide breeders in their animal selection and breeding. N.Z.B.G.B.A encourages members to performance record their flocks using the Animalplan Performance Recording Scheme. The Association holds an annual conference with N.Z and international speakers and is also active in the promotion of Boer Goat farming.

Outstanding Characteristics

The Boer Goat has much to offer the N.Z. Goat Meat industry.

Boers under good management will reach carcass weights of 14-18kg at 8 months of age. With its high fertility, rapid growth rate and quality carcass conformation combined with the Boers ability to maintain economic production for ten years or longer make the Boer Goat a valuable commodity

The Boer is also suited for use in crossbreeding programs to improve meat characteristics in feral or weed control goats. The Boer is also suitable as a terminal sire in dairy or fibre goats.

Demand in New Zealand and overseas for low fat, crossbred Boer goat meat is strong and growing with increasing returns for the farmer. Even on the first cross the carcass size is considerably increased.

The Boer or Boer cross is an effective alternative aid in weed control in an increasingly health conscious world. Trials have also shown that farmed in conjunction with cattle both animals have shown improved returns.

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